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EuroSibEnergo is a major private Russian power company, and one of the country's top green energy leaders.

The company is part of the leading Russian industrial group En+.

We manage power plants with a total installed capacity 19.7 GW and produce 8% of all Russia’s electricity. Over 15 GW of our capacities is attributed to large Russian hydro power plants located on the Siberian rivers of the Angara and Yenisei: Krasnoyarsk HPP, Bratsk HPP, Ust-Ilimsk HPP and Irkutsk HPP. In December 2015, we commissioned the Abakan Solar Power Plant in the Republic of Khakassia – our pilot solar PV power project.
The installed capacity of our power plants is 19.7 GW
EuroSibEnergo is also one of major heat generators in Russia. The installed thermal power of our stations and boiler units is over 17,000 Gcal/hour, and the company also manages over 2,000 km of thermal networks, through which we deliver heat to our customers.

The key region of our operation is Eastern Siberia: Irkutsk Region and Krasnoyarsk Territory, but our power plants are also located in Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod and Chelyabinsk Regions, Krasnodar Territory, and the Republics of Karelia and Khakassia. We supply electric power and heat to major Russian industrial enterprises, including aluminum smelters, mining and oil industry enterprises, forestry enterprises, agricultural, machine-building and aircraft engineering companies, and to other sectors, as well as to more than a million households.

EuroSibEnergo is a vertically integrated company, which allows us to control costs and achieve maximum operational efficiency and reliability. We participate in all key areas of the power business: from generation of electric and heat power to sale to end users. The company includes an engineering subdivision with EPC/EPCM competencies that provides all necessary works for the repair and upgrading of current company assets and the construction of new power facilities.

A vertically integrated company — maximum efficiency and cost control

EuroSibEnergo possesses the most extensive experience in Russia in private energy assets management. The implemented modernization and cost reduction programs have helped us achieve high asset efficiency: the cost of power generation at our hydro power plants is lower than in other Russian HPPs, while fuel consumption per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced at our combined heat and power plants is substantially below the average in Siberia.

EuroSibEnergo is implementing a large-scale modernization program for the hydro power plants of the New Energy campaign, in the course of which we install improved runners, new-generation transformers and other equipment at our HPPs. As a result, by 2018 our HPPs will be able to produce an additional 1.5 bln kW-hours of pure energy while letting through the same volume of water through the turbines.

The company possesses significant reserves of heat and electricity: we are interested in attracting new consumer clients and are prepared to offer the most beneficial conditions for cooperation!

EuroSibEnergo in numbers
19,7 GW
Installed capacity
of our power
About 8%
of electric power
in Russia is produced
by EuroSibEnergo
69,5 bln
Power generation
in 2016
15,1 GW
Installed capacity
of our hydro
power plants
Over 25 thousand
employed by
our companies
27,35 mln
Heat production
in 2016
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